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Meet the team


BSc (Hons) Global Health, MSc Control of Infectious Diseases

“I have always been fascinated by the layers of different customs that people identify with, how this changes over time and how it impacts our health.  Understanding this became part of my growing experience, as a second-generation immigrant. I wanted to provide a platform for many others who can relate and build a community where issues related to this are discussed.”


BSc (Hons) Global Health, MSc Reproductive & Sexual Health

“As a humanitarian, I hope to use this platform to bring light to the many identities around the world that have been stripped and ignored. Identity International will allow me to  advocate for a range of topics, from the reproductive and sexual health and well-being of young people, all the way to the lack of representation of  minority ethic groups in the media. It is vital to provide a platform where individuals' voices can be heard, free of judgement. Identity International will always stand by this.”


BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science, MA Near and Middle Eastern Studies 

“In a world where we are continuously accountable for who we are, identities are a crucial concept that need to be understood on a deeper level. This inspired me to start Identity International as a public education platform where I could utilize my background in history, politics, and global affairs to address questions pertaining to identity in today’s society.”


BSc (Hons) Global Health, MSc Women's Health, MB ChB Candidate

"Through Identity International I hope to bring a spotlight around pressing topics that receive little attention, in turn taking steps toward encouraging wider discourse and finding solutions. Being from Afghanistan, I have always been interested how we can address health inequalities in conflict zones; going forward I hope to lead Identity international into more charitable affiliations particularly facilitating access to healthcare and emergency relief work."

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