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Join us in a conversation on Facebook Live with one of our many esteemed guests, discussing Afghanistan from a perspective that looks at the region beyond the conflict- while by no means undermining it- but rather focusing on the humanness of the region. Overall, our aim is to highlight that those suffering as “collateral damage” due to the conflict have their own individual identity and thus, equally deserve a representative platform. With this in mind, we hope to demonstrate the complexity of the conflict itself and widen the perspective on its attributing factors.

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Saturday February 6th                6 pm GMT         Dr Nafees Ur Rehman

Wednesday February 10th      6 pm GMT          Massoud Hossaini

Saturday February 13th            6 pm GMT          Professor Nazif Shahrani 

Wednesday February 17th      6 pm GMT          Khojasta Sameyee 

Saturday February 20th            6 pm GMT          Emran Feroz

Wednesday February 24th      7 pm GMT         Karanjee Gaba

Saturday February 27th            6 pm GMT         Zarifa Ghafari

Wednesday March 3rd              6 pm GMT         Marzia Panahi


Online Event



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