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We spoke to 11 special guests  to understand more about their thoughts and experiences as actors, directors, photographers and journalists from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Our aim is to create discourse on a topic that is broadly ignored and to understand how global stereotypes and stigma towards this region can effect a wide range of people

starting from the 9th June @ 7pm- 14th JULY

Join us twice a week  to watch our discussions with :

Wednesday 9th June-  Sepy Baghaei

Sunday 13th June - Karim Motaz

Wednesday 16th June - Lena Elghamry

Sunday 20th June - Hannah Yahya Hassan

Wednesday 23rd June - Ahmet Ahmet

Sunday 27th June - Jalleh Alizadeh

Wednesday 30th June - Sahar Zand

Sunday 4th July - Atilla Akinci

Wednesday 7th July - Yasmeen Scott


Sunday 11th July - Natali Servat

Sunday 14th July - Isabella Nefar

Streaming every wednesday and sunday @ 7pm on our socials:

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