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In a world as divided as ours, we are constantly accountable for who we are. Whether it be on a citizenship form or within our friend circles, we are questioned regarding our nationalities, ethnicities, religiosity, sexuality, so that those who ask can try and understand who we are. For some, these markers provide a sense of belonging. For others, they can be a source of alienation. At Identity International, we want to better understand who we are by providing a public education platform that seeks to encourage human empathy and ideas of cohesion rather than division. Our aim is to help create social awareness regarding the complex and multifaceted nature that underlies our professed identities. Through this, we seek to look beyond ideas of Otherness and promote the notion that Us, as a global community, share similarities that can bring together a world that is so often divided.


Our events and campaigns are targeted so that we can productively engage in public discourse by bringing multiple sides of contentious matters to light. Open to the general public, we would like to bring together experts from all parts of society, those that have indulged in the theoretical aspects of contentious topics as well as those that have lived experiences, to ultimately help encourage a more productive public discourse. By bridging the gap between expert and general knowledge, we would like to provide a platform that increases social awareness so that people can make more informed decisions relating to their daily lives.


Our Campaigns 


Beyond Borders


A campaign that aims to investigate identity beyond our constructed notion of borders. Whether that be ethnic groups or nationalities, this project seeks to question the borders we observe on a global level and, in turn, hopes to shed light on topical issues from a perspective that is beyond these constraints.

Beyond Orientalism


This campaign seeks to decipher the East vs. West narrative that has a stronghold in the mainstream. Notions such as the “Global North” and the “Global South” will be deconstructed to show that identities do not evolve in a vacuum but rather through a shared global history.


Beyond Stigma


Prejudices, stereotypes and political correctness are concepts that have taken over our public discourse. This campaign will aim to scrutinise labels that are associated with particular identities and therefore, demonstrate complexities and multifaceted nature of race, religion, and other identity markers.

Beyond Conflict


With political agendas overtaking the discourse surrounding war zones, this campaign hopes to expand the narrative surrounding conflicts. This project seeks to present conflicts through the lens of the people that are often regarded as collateral damage within such circumstances.


Who we are...

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